Strategic Elements readies drilling at copper-gold-rare earths project

Strategic Elements Ltd (ASX:SOR) has contracted an experienced team to commence drilling at the Behemoth Copper-Gold-Rare Earths Project in the Gibson Desert, Western Australia.

Access track and drill pad construction has commenced at the potential meteorite site and drilling is expected to commence within the next three to four weeks.

The company is awaiting final confirmation of the availability of a specialist rig most suitable for a range of conditions that potentially occur at the target site.

Several holes will target the magnetic and induced polarisation (IP) anomalies picked up from surveys conducted on the area.

Experts are divided on whether the large buried multi-ringed magnetic feature is caused by the impact of a meteorite from above, an intrusion of magma from below and/or an associated mineral system.

Drilling aims to intersect nickel, copper, gold-bearing sulphides or rare earths.

High risk, high reward

Strategic Elements managing director Charles Murphy said: “We made the decision to wait for confirmation of a particular type of rig that will be best suited to handling the conditions of the known terrain and more importantly anything that a potential meteorite impact site could potentially create at Behemoth.

“Behemoth is a high risk, high reward project situated in an area that has almost no drilling or known sub-surface geology.

“It is an unusual project, however the feedback from a range of experts and the very large-scale anomalies generated from the recent IP geophysical surveys hRead More – Source