Sensen Networks gains a new substantial holder in JM Financial Group

Sensen Networks Ltd (ASX:SNS) has a new substantial holder in Melbourne-based JM Financial Group with a 6.20% stake.

JM Financial is an Australian owned independent wealth management firm offering financial services to private investors.

Internet of Things technology

SenSens key asset is the SenDISA platform, an Internet of Things technology.

The platform underpins SenSens lead product SenFORCE, a mobile parking enforcement unit technology that uses video to provide a visual overview of publicly accessed areas such as car parks.

Another SenDISA product is the Gemineye product, which can slash the cost of smart cities technology by drawing on the power of smartphones.

False alarm detection software

SenSen recently received the first international commercial order to supply its AI-FARM software to a global technology, defence and engineering group based in Singapore.

AI-FARM is an artificial intelligence-based software solution that can be applied wherever video analytic systems generate an overwhelming number Read More – Source

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