Coronation Street spoilers: Passionate reunion for Carla Connor and Peter Barlow tonight?

Carla and Peter in Coronation Street
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Carla Connor and Peter Barlow are edging closer to that much longed for reunion as they share a night of the souls to see in a brand new year in Coronation Street. But will they start off 2019 as a couple or will they decide to go their separate ways once and for all?

Peter has bought a snooker hall – the previous bookie, landlord and knicker factory boss is trying to branch out into yet another business and Carla thinks he is just drifting and it wont bring him any happiness.

Thus, she challenges him to a game of pool where if she wins, he has to sell the snooker hall. Naturally, she has been hiding a talent for whacking balls with a stick and she trounces Peter and as they talk afterwards, Peter concedes that she is right.

(Picture: ITV)

The chat soon moves onto other matters, including their relationship and past mistakes and both apologise for how things turn out. There is clearly an attraction in the air and sparks are about to fly in a big way.

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As midnight dawns, will they see in the new year with a kiss and decide to be together, delighting the legions of #Carter fans?

In the wake of their frank chat, Carla then has another surprise in store for Peter when she buys him a massive boat and has it delivered to his house. Peter is taken aback and Carla explains that she wants him to have a project to get involved with.

(Picture: ITV)

Peter is touched and starts to feel a bit zen at the prospect of ditching the rat race and sailing off to see more of the world. As he embraces the challenge that Carla has set him, he is grateful.

But will she be by his side through the project or is Peter sailing solo in 2019?

Coronation Street airs their chat on New Years Eve at 7:30pm on ITV.

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