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Plastic bags in IGA supermarkets will be phased out by June this year, however Nyngan IGA staff member Debbie Piper is concerned not all customers are on board.

Metcash Limited Strategic Communications Manager Samantha Maslen confirmed that IGA retailers would be plastic bag free by June 30.

“Last year, IGA retailers nationally committed to being single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags free, within 12 months. Many IGA retailers across Australia have already implemented this in store, along with alternatives such as cardboard boxes, boomerang bags and reusable bags,” she said.

However Ms Piper said she was against it, concerned it would turn shoppers away.

“I've had a lot of feedback and they’re not happy at all,” she said.

Ms Piper suggested IGA needed to ensure they were prepared for the switch, providing customers with the environmental bags.

“If they want to go plastic bag free, then Khans IGA should supply some bags for their customers, give them so many the first time they come in … give them something to start with.”

Ms Maslen said IGA’s decision to go plastic bag free was an easy one that would benefit our environment.

“Australians use over five billion single-use plastic bags a year. Over 50 million of these blow away into the environment, and less than 10% are recycled. Many end up in the ocean, where they are ingested by sea turtles and birds, causing serious harm and even death,” she said.

However not all residents are concerned, with Pat Walsh agreeing it was a good initiative.

“If it helps to cut down the litter that flies around everywhere then it’s a good idea,” she said.

‘Moonbah’ Black also added he thinks it is a “very good” idea.


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