The Best Spring 2023: 4 Shoes to Wear With Jeans

There are several shoe trends worth mentioning for the upcoming year that we will see everywhere, such as ballet flats, mary janes, and flip flops, bubble-like plush heels, and embellished pairs, just to name a few. Shoe trends, this spring 2023 there is a lot of fabric to cut. Loafers, ballerinas, slingbacks, classic sneakers like the Adidas Samba … There are a lot of trendy footwear this season that you should keep under your radar.

With the start of a new year, shoes are a worthwhile investment in fashion. Especially for those of who walk a lot, so it’s always a good idea to refresh your footwear collection. Killer kicks can truly elevate any outfit, whether it’s a bold statement pair that commands attention or a pair that completes a look flawlessly like the missing puzzle piece. However, if you are a lover of jeans in all their versions and you want to narrow down this list a bit, we have selected the trending shoes that best match jeans to wear this season. From the classic moccasins to the triumph of silver ankle boots, passing through second-skin ballerinas or slingbacks.


Nuala Philips, the fashion editor of this header, already said it, loafers, like diamonds, are for life. That is why, when the first rays of spring sun begin to appear, it is a good idea to wear loafers with socks this season, preferably white and sporty. For the most daring, we can choose chunky loafers just like Hailey Bieber would or, if you are one of the classics, thin-soled loafers.

Second Skin Ballerinas

The time has come to confirm it, second-skin ballerinas are the official replacement for sneakers come spring. They are comfortable, versatile, soft and perfect for the season that is about to begin. Also, although they are a good dance partner for your favorite jeans, you can also use them with midi dresses before entering the wonderful world of sandals.

The Slingbacks

If what you want is to add a bit of heel to your looks with jeans, this season put some slingbacks in your shopping basket or what is the same, slingback heels. Within this trend, the most special ones triumph with jewels, with pearls, in tweed … Just what you need to give personality to a basic look!

The Silver Booties

The reign of silver ankle boots will continue in spring 2023. The footwear that we have seen everywhere in recent months will continue to triumph on our feet. The combo we will be devoted to, Silver ankle boots + jeans + sweatshirts or oversize shirts.

This article was originally published on Vogue Spain

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