2020 wedding trends: Fairytale wedding dresses and vegan menus are set to be big next year

What can you expect to see at weddings in 2020? (Picture: Erin Aniker)

Planning a wedding in 2020?

Well, youd better read up on all the big trends for the year ahead.

Handily enough, weve chatted to founder Hamish Shephard for his predictions of the things that will be big next year, from the flowers to the food (and, of course, the wedding dresses).

So, what can you expect to see plastered all over Instagram and Pinterest in the next 12 months?

Proposal and engagement trends

2020 is a leap year, meaning you can expect to see more women proposing. Yes, that tradition is still alive and well, despite it being perfectly okay for women to propose on any day they fancy, not just 29 February.

Vloggers going mainstream (just look at the YouTubers popping up on Strictly Come Dancing) has caused YouTube proposal videos to become more popular. That trend will continue next year – keep an eye out for people recording the entire emotional moment they propose and then documenting every stage of wedding planning.



Wedding dress trends

Designer Phillipa Lepley says 2020 will see a rise in princess dresses. Were talking dramatic, feminine, and oh-so-pretty gowns with big skirts, trains, and veils.

Expect to see cathedral length veils (the ones that fall to the floor) and high-necklines.

To bring those old-world dresses into the new year, brides will add personal touches and edgy accessories. Think leather jackets, bejewelled headbands, tattoos, or pastel-dyed hair.

Embroidery will be a big trend, especially unique designs with personal messages. Phillipa Lepley says one bride wanted her dogs paw prints embroidered into her gown, while a few have asked for their new initials to be hidden within the embroidery.

Strapless gowns are still on the outs in favour of detailed shoulders and sleeves, and brides will be after simple, clean designs that feel timeless. Hamish also predicts a surge in regal style dresses with ruffled collars, long sleeves, and plenty of tulle.

Duchess of sussex meghan markle on her wedding day
Embroidery will be a big trend (Picture: Ben STANSALL – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

More brides are also opting for a second wedding dress for the evening (remember The Duchess of Sussexs second, sleeker dress for her reception? Thats your inspiration) or gowns that can totally transform for a radically different look.

Bridal fashion is fairly cyclical. Around 10 years ago the boho relaxed-bride trend took off in a big way, and that was followed by the rise of slinky, more fitted dresses without trains or too much fuss, says Hamish. Then after the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge lace dresses became the popular choice.



Now we are seeing designers return to dresses with larger skirts which have real wow factor, but the modern millennial bride is adding a touch of cool so the look isnt too dated. What started off as the odd pair of converse is now evolving to a prevalent, slightly rebellious and quirky accessorising trend.

Wedding flower trends

Lavender Green Flowers predicts a move towards more informal, relaxed bouquets that are totally bespoke and left a little rough around the edges to look natural.

Youll spy lots of botanicals and leafy greans as well as more unusual foliage, rather than your standard bunch of roses.

Sustainability will play a big factor, as more brides are putting this first when planning their big day.

And expect bold colours. While 2019 has been all about dusty, muted blush tones, next year will be packed with hot pinks and fuchsias.

Wedding food trends

Get ready for more vegan and free-from menus in 2020. The chicken or fish dinner is dying a death.

The rapid growth in vegetarian and veganism, especially in the millennial generation, has led to an increase in such foods being served at weddings, Hamish tells us. Even couples who arent themselves vegans are more empathetic than ever before, and they are keen to cater for guests with all dietary requests.

Couples are also going to choose more informal eating arrangements, such as grazable snacks, buffet tables, and dedicated food stations, so you wont be lumped with a stuffy three-course dinner.


Gin will continue to be the tipple of choice, with G&T stations and personalised gin cocktail menus. Speaking of cocktails, youll find more couples creating their own signature drinks, alongside personalised canapés and desserts, too.

Hamish also thinks therell be a rise in the number of American style pre-wedding day rehearsal dinners.

wedding decoration: board showing cocktail menu
Custom cocktails will continue to be a trend (Picture: Getty)

Wedding decor trends

If 2019 was all about wedding smoke bombs, expect 2020 to feature balloon walls and wedding wall art murals – all carefully chosen to provide great backdrops for guests wedding snaps.

Theres going to be a real move to escapism and fairytale touches (blame our current political hellscape), with chandeliers under trees and pergolas with hanging fairy Read More – Source

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