Daniel Radcliffe would love a Fast & Furious role but admits hes really bad at driving

Daniel Radcliffe wants to join Fast & Furious films but admits he cant drive for web (Picture: REX/

Daniel Radcliffe would absolutely jump at the chance to be in a Fast & Furious film but theres one catch — he cant drive.

Well, he can, but hes just really bad at it.

When asked by MTV News if his new role in action-comedy film Guns Akimbo is the start of a long illustrious career in action movies, he said its probably not in his cards.

I got to do a lot of stunts on [Harry] Potter and that was awesome, he revealed. And then most of the films Ive done since dont particularly lend themselves to a lot of stunts.

Daniel then added: And then Im not eminently castable in action movies, for various reasons.

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As the cast then start discussing a pivot into the Fast & Furious franchise for Radcliffe, who plays a nerdy video game developer in Guns Akimbo, asks: Is there a part for a non-driver in that?



When asked if he drives, Radcliffe responded: Not really, no. Ive got a licence but only so I can drive on sets and I dont really do it. And Im really bad at it.

#DanielRadcliffe – action movie star? ? He did his fair share of stunts during the Harry Potter films, and now hes ready to join the @FastFurious franchise… as long as he doesnt have to do any driving ? #TIFF19

— MTV NEWS (@MTVNEWS) September 12, 2019

He then joked hed probably be better suited in an admin or finance role on the set of a Fast & Furious film.

Theres got to be an accountant for the Fast [& Furious] 9. Like, “Guys, can you get, when you get a chance, weve got some admin back here, if you wouldnt mind coming back.”

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Its not the first time Radcliffes put his name forward for an action movie, throwing his hat in the ring to replace Tom Holland as Spider-Man, if the opportunity ever comes up.

Weve had many very effective Spider-Mans and I dont think we need another one, the 30-year-old told ET.

He added jokinRead More – Source

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