Plus-size women pose in stunning ball gowns to show off Asian beauty

Very glam (Picture: Linda Blacker)

Plus-size models are barely represented on the glossy pages of a high fashion magazine, much less diverse faces.

In an attempt to rectify that, body-positive author and coach Michelle Elman organised a photoshoot showcasing curvy Asian women.

Teaming up with photographer Linder Blacker, the pair enlisted the help of other British ladies from different parts of Asia, of various ages and skin tones.

The glam squad dressed up in breathtaking ball gowns and posed like badasses.

It was all in an attempt to show the fashion industry what they are missing, says Michelle.

Photoshoot of plus sized asian women
Asian women are just as beautiful and fashionable as any other (Picture: Linda Blacker)

We wanted to demonstrate that Asian women are just as beautiful and fashionable as any other race and we deserve to be included, Michelle told

It was incredibly empowering. We were all discussing our own experiences of living as a plus-size Asian and it was really comforting to know that whilst we all felt like this in isolation, we werent alone and this was a very much mutual feeling.



I hope people start to notice when Asian women are left out of fashion campaigns and the media.

I hope this shoot brings to their attention how great a problem it is and how ever-present this erasure is.

I hope it also has made people realise that Asian is a very broad category and that we all dont look the same and we shouldnt be pigeon-holed into one body type because like every other culture, people come in all shapes and sizes.

Michelle and Linda recruited people for the photoshoot who they found on social media.

Bishamber Das and Kat Henry are plus-size bloggers and were on the radar of the photoshoot organisers.

The rest were found through social media and volunteering.

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Linda had a great time shooting the pictures.

The shoot day went so well, she told us.

I knew exactly the image I wanted to capture on the day, as I already had the image in my mind.

The key aim was to make this shoot look like it could have been from a glossy magazine so that when people saw it, they would see how beautiful these women looked in front of the camera and understand that they too should be represented in the meRead More – Source

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