Gavin Williamson: 9 times the sacked defence secretary hit peak Gavin Williamson

Sacked defence secretary Gavin Williamson is unlikely to be a part of any government any time soon, but never let it be said that he failed to make his mark during his 18 months in the job.

Just not in the way he – or any sentient human being – would have liked.

Here are 9 times the wannabe prime minister hit peak Gavin Williamson.


my favourite picture of Gavin Williamson

— Hannah Jane Parkinson (@ladyhaja) May 1, 2019


My favourite Gavin Williamson story is when he decided to pardon two ferocious army dogs following a campaign by The Sun and turned up to do the photoshoot only to find them ready to rip his throat out, so had to be positioned a longggg way in front.

— Jim Waterson (@jimwaterson) May 1, 2019


As Gavin Williamson has been fired, let us remember all the good things he did in office: Specifically that time he looked like he had some flags on his head.

— James Felton (@JimMFelton) May 1, 2019


For this to be your most famous soundbite …#GavinWilliamson

— Jeremy Vine (@theJeremyVine) May 1, 2019


Let's not forget Gavin Williamson once reportedly suggested putting machine guns on tractors

— Patrick Smith (@psmith) May 2, 2019


We may never again see such heavyweight encounters…

— Owen Gibson (@owen_g) May 1, 2019


When Siri interrupts as you're delivering a statement to Parliament…

— BBC Parliament (@BBCParliament) July 3, 2018


Is it just me or is Gavin Williamson asking the US Ambassador to visit is just like a boy at school repeatedly asking a mate if he can be his best friend

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