Goth crocs with spikes and chains exist – and the internet kind of likes them

(Picture: garbage_b0y/HEAVY CREAM)

Crocs – the Marmite of the shoe world.

Weve had them in many incarnations – including, high-heeled, grass-covered or as slippers – but were still not sure theyre ever going to be cool.

One person though as really tried to make them edgy.

These goth crocs are available on Etsy.

As a former goth, they do certainly tick all the boxes – black, dangerous looking metal spikes and chains.

But at the end of the day, they are still Crocs.

The shoes cost £190.60 for the basic style, with or without large side spike.

For £206.48, you can get an ankle chain, with or without the spike, that can be attached to the bottom of your jeans so youll never lose them, no matter how hard you mosh.

The spikes are nickel plated and the chain is high sheen stainless steel.

They were designed by @garbage_b0y and sold by Heavey Cream – a company based in America, which means you need to add another £28.30 for delivery.



Theyve actually proved to be quite popular on Twitter, but one person was pretty disappointed that they just didnt pick the perfect punny name – Punk Croc.

the only thing that's upset me more than the phenomenon that is 'goth crocs' is the fact that no one has fucking called it 'punk-croc' yet

— gracie hoos (@cottoncandaddy) March 29, 2019

Another person added that this was the turning point for Crocs for them. They said: I know, I have never in my life wanted to own a pair of crocs but THIS!

Spiked goth crocs are honestly the most valid kind of crocs Ive seen, another comment said.

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