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Arab allies and Middle East organizations voice support, solidarity with Saudi Arabia

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RIYADH: The UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Palestine and Yemen affirmed their full solidarity with Saudi Arabia against all those who attempt to undermine or seek to harm the Kingdoms policy, position and sovereignty in statements made on Sunday.
The statements, issued by each countrys official news agency, came following accusations against the Kingdom in the case of the missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Khashoggi, a Saudi national who had been based in the US, has been missing since Oct. 2, when he visited the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to obtain marital documents.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, affirmed the UAE's deep appreciation for the Saudi leadership and praised its position as a major force to ensure regional security and stability and praised its positive role in all its initiatives and constructive policies
He stressed, while there is a need to clarify the facts related to this case, which are impartial and untrue, the repercussions of political incitement against the Kingdom is unacceptable.
Bahrain expressed its gratitude of the important role played by Saudi Arabia, which “is considered the foundation for security and stability in the Arab and Islamic worlds.”
“Bahrain reiterates its firm stance with Saudi Arabia in all its policies and efforts to confront the various threats and risks facing the international community, extremism and terrorism, as well as the Kingdoms efforts to promote international cooperation at various political, economic and security levels and its enormous potential in promoting peace and stability throughout the world,” said Bahrain News Agency.
The Jordanian government also affirmed the Kingdoms central role in consolidating security, stability and peace and enhancing economic cooperation both regionally and globally.
Media minister Jumana Ghunaimat said in a press statement on Sunday that Jordan stands with Saudi Arabia in the face of any targeted rumors and campaigns aimed without relying on facts.
She stressed Jordans support for the Saudi position on the need to provide verified reason and justification to the investigation, stressing the strong strategic relations between the two Kingdoms.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday expressed his appreciation for the firm stance of the Kingdom, which always stands side by the side with Palestine and the rights of its people.
Abbas also expressed his absolute confidence in the Kingdom, under the leadership of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, stressing that Palestine was and will remain with Saudi Arabia, in a statement issued by the Palestinian News Agency.
Meanwhile, Yemen said the Kingdom is “being subjected to malicious and prejudicial tendencies due to its honorable and honest positions with issues regarding the Arab and Islamic nation and its leading roles in regional and international stability,” reported Yemeni news agency Saba
The cheap media and political targeting of Saudi Arabia will not deter the Kingdom from continuing its leading and pioneering role,” the statement added.
The Arab League rejected any threat to impose sanctions on the Kingdom, saying “it is totally unacceptable in the framework of relations between countries to threaten economic sanctions as a policy or instrument to achieve political or unilateral objectives.”
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) praised the Turkish-Saudi initiative of forming a joint working group and bringing together specialists from both countries to investigate the circumstances of Khashoggis disappearance in Istanbul, Turkey.
“The two countries are capable of presenting a model of bilateral cooperation in the most difficult circumstances, as well as the means to produce results that translate into their good intentions and the depth of good inherent in their leadership,” said OIC Secretary-General Dr. Yousef Al-Othaimeen.
The OIC stressed the importance of waiting for the results of the investigation conducted by Turkey, with the cooperation of Saudi Arabia, and not jump to premature conclusions, warning regional and international media to ensure accuracy and professionalism in their publications.
The Muslim World League (MWL) also added its voice to the growing chorus of support for Saudi Arabia in the ongoing investigation from Arab nations and organizations.
In a statement issued by the MWL on Sunday, Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Isa, the organizations Secretary General issued a categorical rejection of any threats against the Kingdom.
Al-Isa added that provoking the Kingdom is a “provocation to the feelings of hundreds of millions of Muslims” who stand with the Kingdom.
He concluded that the MWL fully supports the stance of the Saudi government.

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