Looking towards the sky for rain across drought-stricken region

IF predictions are right, parts of the region could receive as much as 35 millimetres of rain in the coming week.

With the entire state of NSW now in drought, many of the regions farmers are struggling with a lack of feed and dry dams.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Anita Pyne said the highest chance of rain would be on Saturday, but showers are possible through until Tuesday.

“Into Friday and the weekend weve got a trough coming across into the Central parts of NSW and weve got some moisture coming off the ocean from some winds coming from the north-east,” she said.

“These north-easterly winds will feed in some moisture and thatll interact with this inland trough to produce some rainfall about the north-eastern parts of NSW on Friday, peaking into Saturday, and then moving off to the east into Sunday.”

Orange and Forbes should receive the most rain from Saturday to Tuesday, with up to 35mm predicted for both locations.

While up to 31mm is predicted for Mudgee and Lithgow; 27mm in Wellington and Dubbo; 25mm in Young, Cowra and Grenfell; 21mm for Bathurst, Oberon and Parkes; and 17mm in Nyngan.

Ms Pyne said areas further to the west and south will have less chance of rainfall.

“It all depends on the location of this inland trough, how much moisture is brought in with this system and how far inland this moisture can go,” she said.

“Our computer modeling is a bit uncertain at the moment so some models are going hard and some models not so much so thats why its a bit chancy in the middle parts of the state.

“Theres also, probably, going to be some thunderstorms associated with this system and thunderstorms can dump huge amounts of rain in one little spot and five kilometres down the road they might see barely anything so it could be quite patchy at this stage.”

While the predicted rainfall will be good for the region, Ms Pyne said it will long way off what is needed to break the drought.

“While its not nothing, the soil moisture levels have been so low for so long its probably going to take more than just one rainfall event to bring any lasting relief from the drought situation,” she said.

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