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Saudi Cabinet reaffirms rejection of Canadian interference in Kingdom’s internal affairs

Tue, 2018-08-07 19:37

JEDDAH: The Saudi Cabinet has reaffirmed its “absolute rejection” of the Canadian governments stance in the diplomatic row between the two countries.

Saudi Arabia ordered the Canadian ambassador to leave the Kingdom and froze all new trade and investment with the country after accusing Canada of interfering in its internal affairs.

The move came in response to Canadian statements demanding the release of what Canada called “civil society and womens rights activists”.

The Council of Ministers said: “The Canadian governments position was not based on true information or events regarding what it called the detained civil activists,” the Saudi Press agency reported on Tuesday.

It reaffirmed Saudi Arabias stance to abiding by international conventions, principles and norms that respect the sovereignty of each state and refrain to interfere in the internal matters of other countries.

Jordan became the latest country to back Saudi Arabia's position in the dispute, after Bahrain Egypt and the GCC. Jordan's foreign ministry said it stood by Saudi Arabia in its right to implement laws and protect national security.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet said it is was closely following the efforts of governmental and civil bodies serving Hajj pilgrims, and the preparations they are offering to facilitate the process of pilgrimage to worshippers.

The Cabinet also said it sends its sincere condolences to the Indonesian government and people and to the families of the earthquake victims that hit Lombok island this week.

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