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KSRelief dispatches 18 trucks of humanitarian aid to Hodeidah in Yemen

Author: Mohamed ChebaroMon, 2018-06-18 19:18ID: 1529338758876795700

RIYADH: The King Salman Humanitarian Relief and Humanitarian Center dispatched 18 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid to Hodeidah in Yemen.
The General Director of KSRelief Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah said in a press statement that this aid shipment comes is sent on the orders of Saudi Arabias King Salman to support Yemenis and ease their suffering in the Hodeidah province.
KSrelief said that the trucks that crossed into Yemen carry more that 365 tons of food baskets, and dates.
Al Rabiah added that the KSRelief is currently preparing to send two air and sea bridges to deliver food and shelter equipment for Hodeidah. All KSRelief efforts is closely coordinated with United Nations local partners and the legitimate government of Yemen.

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