Finally singer CeCe Peniston agrees with Elton Johns advice about fame: We always want the next best thing

Finally singer CeCe Peniston agrees with Elton John's advice to Ed Sheeran about fame
CeCe Peniston says Sir Elton John is right about fame being fleeting (Picture: Sipa USA/REX/Shutterstock)

Legendary singer CeCe Peniston, the voice behind 90s dance classic Finally, says Sir Elton John is right about the fleeting nature of fame.

Sir Elton recently warned his pal Ed Sheeran that the current wave of success hes riding on isnt going to last forever, and eventually a new artist is going to creep in and take his place.

CeCe, who is heading to the UK for a special gig at Quaglinos this month, said that the current music scene isnt how it was because music lovers are too disconnected now.

Its not like the 90s at all. We can work on a record for, like, a year. These kids want a different song every 2 to 3 months or theyre on to something else, she told

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We are so connected yet so disconnected. I say that because everyone is always on a laptop or a phone, or a computer listening to music. We dont talk.

And were always looking for the next best thing and the best new thing.

Finally singer CeCe Peniston agrees with Elton John's advice to Ed Sheeran about fame
Singer CeCe says people today are always looking for the next big thing (Picture: Maury Phillips/WireImage)

I would have to agree [with Elton] because you can have a whole bunch of artists where youre like, “well who sings that?” Youre trying to figure that out, whereas before we had certain artists on each label and you knew what those labels were and there were actual videos that the artists would be in, and its not the same now.

So how does she think we can become more connected?

Just put the phones down and actually conversate when you go to dinner, says CeCe. Actually talk to people instead of watching reality channels.

Her huge dance track Finally, released in 1991, is still rolled out in clubs and parties more than 25 years later, and CeCe thinks its positive message has made sure it stood the test of time.

The song is easy to sing and the beat and the piano is easy to sing for kids and adults. They can sing the words, she explained.

I feel like its a feeling, the beat of what you feel when you listen to it, it has its own groove. Then you have the piano keys.

Finally singer CeCe Peniston agrees with Elton John's advice to Ed Sheeran about fame
CeCe is performing in London later this month

I just feel like right now everyone is wanting to hear something happy. And it brings back a lot of memories for a lot of people.

Theres a lot of people who tell me, “Oh I danced to your song at my wedding” or “I came out to your song”, so it carries those memories.

I love it when people come up to me and sing the song, I love it when people show me love.

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CeCe Peniston is performing at Quaglinos on 20 May.

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