Incredibles 2 Trailer: Mom Fights Crime, Dad Battles Homemaking & Cheers Barfly Threatens The World


Theres an “elephant in the room” at the Parr family dinner that kicks off this new trailer for Incredibles 2from Disney/Pixar: mothers got a new job, leaving dad to a Mr. Mom role — and hes anything but super at it.

Thats the setup for this nicely done trailer, which neatly balances the Parr family domestic comedy — baby Jack-Jacks fledgling superpower presents dad Bob (aka Mr. Incredible) with some literally fiery challenges — and fast-paced action as mom Helen (Elastigirl) battles the new (well, new-ish) villain The Underminer.

The new bad guy is voiced by John Ratzenberger, the Pixar veteran best known as know-it-all Cliff from Cheers, bringing this movie loads of experience at antagonizing. Holly Hunter voices Elastigirl, Craig T. Nelson is Mr. Incredible and their kids are played by Sarah Vowell (Violet) and Huck Milner (Dash).

The Parrs neighbor and ally Frozone is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, who gets the trailers funniest moment at the end.

The film is written and directed by Brad Bird and produced by John Walker and Nicole Grindle. Bird directed the first Incredibles, which won the 2004 Oscar for best animated feature and grossed more than $633 million worldwide, per Disney/Pixar.

Disney/Pixars Incredibles 2 hits theaters nationwide on June 15. Check out the new trailer above.

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