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Floki ends Saudi Comic Con with a bang

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JEDDAH: Saudi Comic Con 2018 ended with the visit of Gustaf Skarsgard of “Vikings,” which thrilled his passionate fans.
Skarsgard, who plays Floki in the show, was taken aback but delighted at seeing a crowd of hundreds of screaming fans. “I was so surprised and grateful that I have so many fans here in Saudi Arabia, and I am very happy to experience the love,” he told Arab News.
When we asked him about his favorite thing about Jeddah, he gave an unusual answer: “My favorite part has been the food, I have tried the fool, shakshooka and hummus. It was raheeb.
“My fondest memory of Vikings was when I went to Iceland. You carry friends with you and I have met friends for life on that show,” he said. “You guys are the best fans in the world.”
In his panel interview, he demonstrated how he practiced the way Floki talks and his body language. He demonstrated Flokis infamous laugh, which the audience could not get enough of. They kept chanting “Once more, once more.” He interacted with the audience by recording a video to show his friend, the show's creator Michael Hirst, making the audience scream “Thank you, Michael!”
Geekiness was in the air. The booth owners were setting up offers and sales in honor of the last day. Cosplayers were doing an excellent job with their costumes. Some of the most talented made armor out of everyday objects such as cartons and spray paint. A Comic Con discussion panel was held about peoples growing interest in manga and comics.
Later in the evening, Muhammad Rubat and Rakan Bo Khalid made the audience nostalgic and emotional by singing the OSTs of the shows that the youth had grown up watching. The entire crowd sang along constantly.
Ali Musallim, a 27-year-old Saudi, is looking forward to opening a store in Jeddah of exclusive Manga that is hard to get at the moment. “We are way more complicated and diverse than the world thinks we are,” he said. “There is a weird stereotype around Saudis that they are not interested, but I have observed in Comic Con that people are interested and excited over the store. We dont give ourselves enough credit.”
Waad Khimi, one of the attendees, said: “I hope next year there will be another Comic Con because I am already sad that this one is over.”

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