EastEnders spoilers: Billy and Honey Mitchell split as his sex secret with Tina Carter is exposed?

Billy and Honey split as his sex secret with Tina is exposed in EastEnders?
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It was a secret that always had to come out in the end and the marriage of Billy and Honey Mitchell could be set to hit the rocks for good when she discovers the awful truth that he slept with Tina Carter in EastEnders.

In a very bad week for Billy which also sees him sacked from his job in the funeral parlour, the hapless local could be set to lose everything. When he goes to Tina for advice on whether to tell Honey that his career is in ruins when Pam appoints Jay as the manager in his place, the truth slowly comes to light.

Billy tries to get through to Honey in EastEnders
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Honey is already suspicious as Karen Taylor has a mishap at the launderette which sees everyone’s clothes mixed up. So when Honey finds someone else’s female underwear in Billy’s washing bag, she assumes the worst.

Seeing Tina consoling Billy, Honey is troubled and as he heads over to come clean about the job, a turn of events sees the truth come out about the night he spent with Tina – which leaves Honey floored.

Billy and Tina are caught in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

As Billy tries to assure Honey that it was a one off which meant nothing, she can’t get her head around the betrayal, especially given that Janet was in hospital at the time. But will the truth about Tina being the one to injure Janet come to light?

And as Billy fights for his marriage, will Honey forgive him? Or are EastEnders closing the curtains on this pairing?

One to watch: Tuesday 6th February at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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