Avengers fan is ready to kill off Captain America in new Endgame theory

FILE - This file photo provided by Disney/Marvel shows Chris Evans as Captain America/Steve Rogers, in the new film, "Avengers: Age Of Ultron." Evans suggested his run as Captain America is done. The filmmakers controlling the Avengers??? fates say he shouldn???t shelve the shield just yet. (Jay Maidment/Disney/Marvel via AP)

It might be the end for Steve Rogers (Picture: Disney/Marvel)

An Avengers fan has given us major feels by imagining the perfect death for Captain America in Endgame, and we werent emotionally prepared in the slightest.

Tissues at the ready, guys.

As we found out the hard way during Avengers: Infinity War, clearly none of our heroes are safe from kicking the bucket in the franchise, and fans are well aware that Captain America (also known as Steve Rogers) could be on his way out.

However, one viewer has imagined a way for him to go that we would be marginally okay with.

The theories are pouring in (Picture: Reddit)

We already assume time travel will be involved in Endgame based on the trailer and teasers, Reddit user sleepysloth628 wrote.

[What if] Cap dies fending off Thanos as the other Avengers escape. What if this scene actually takes place in 1942 after the Avengers have travelled back in time to retrieve the space stone.



Here Cap dies defending the the Avengers from Thanos. This adds a huge emotional weight midway through the movie.

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The theory relies on the Avengers time- traveling (Picture: Rex Features)

Then towards the end of the movie or in a post credits scene we see a shot of Bucky at the Captain America museum from [Winter Soldier] and on the wall is a picture of an elderly Steve with Peggy Carter and their kids and grandkids.

A plaque under it reads STEVE ROGERS 1918-2011. Steve actually survived the encounter with Thanos and instead died of old age with Peggy. Yes Steve dies and its emotional but we get to see Steve get what he really wanted all along and a good happy ending that would satisfy fans.

His character arc goes full circle. He sacrifices himself but not really [because] he gets what he wants.

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Meanwhile, other Marvel fans have been going in all guns blazing with their theories ahead of the movies release, with one claiming Thanos lied about loving Gamora to obtain the soul stone.

Another suggests that the Endgame plot is hidden in the Infinity War trailer, while other fans are convinced that

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