EastEnders fans hit out as Jack Branning enjoys a conga less than a week after niece Abi’s death

EastEnders fans hit out as Jack enjoys a conga less than a week after his niece's death
(Picture: BBC)

Grief is fleeting in EastEnders. One minute you are standing solemnly around the deathbed of your tragically young niece as members of your family break down and less than a week later, you are leading the cheers in a pub which has been saved from being sold elsewhere. That Jack Branning is a tough cookie!

While Jack knows all too well how hard loss can be after he lost Ronnie, it seems that the longevity of his heartbreak doesn’t extend to Abi as despite her death less than a week ago, Jack was buzzing off his skull after finding out that the Carters were staying in the pub after all.

Declaring that it was the best news in a long time, a deliriously happy Jack whooped and cheered, all thoughts of Abi, Lauren and Max seemingly forgotten while Mick sang Doing The Lambeth Walk while pouring out free drinks, someone broke everyone else’s necks to get to the piano first and Karen Taylor led a conga line through the marketplace.

Fans were not buying it. Not one bit.

Just caught up on tonight’s #EastEnders and noticed Jack hammered on champagne cheering on a “CONGAAAAAA!” a week after Abi died! Bizarre ?

— Guy Lambert (@GRALambo) January 25, 2018

Jack doing the conga , Dot celebrating, Abi died last week and already been forgotten !!! #EastEnders

— Kirs?ie (@kirsti_77) January 25, 2018

So is Abi actually dead?? I saw her uncle Jack in Vic having a laugh? Shouldnt they all be a little sad, didnt she work in the Vic? #EastEnders

— Eilis (@eilispurcell) January 25, 2018

As if Jack’s out doing the conga down the square when his nieces life support has just been switched off. #EastEnders

— Joëlle. (@Jojo_Hx) January 25, 2018

Sure Jack's neice died last week and he's out in the square doing the conga?? #EastEnders

— soapfan (@CorrieFanssx) January 25, 2018

Let’s just put it down to Jack having a very thick skin. Despite viewers not thinking much of this flaw to the celebrations, many were still overjoyed by the outcome that the Carters are keeping their beloved boozer.

so happy that mick and Linda save the Vic in EastEnders so they are staying

— chloejoan griffin (@chloejoan123) January 25, 2018

And who said that EastEnders was nothing but misery? All together now: ‘Doo, doo, doo – come on and do the conga! Doo, doo, doo…’

Karen leads a conga in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

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