5 Restaurants in Madrid That Make the Best Desserts

When discussing the top desserts in Madrid, it’s likely that many readers immediately think of the ubiquitous semi-liquid cheesecakes that appear on 90% of trendy restaurant menus. While we consider ourselves die-hard fans of this recipe, we wanted to delve into the realm of pastries beyond the typical treats we’re already familiar with in this article. From recipes that showcase chocolate as the star ingredient, to cakes that take the flavor of fruit to new heights, and traditional sweets that transport us back to our childhood, we’ve compiled a list of 5 restaurants that offer some of the best desserts in Madrid.

The Crunchy (and delicious) Dessert is in Chambao

We are talking about the crunchy pear that the recently opened restaurant, with Mexican inspiration, proposes to round off the feast. A dessert of phyllo pastry mille-feuille with a filling made from frangipane cream that culminates with a crunchy pear will win you over, wrapped in butter, sugar and cinnamon, it is served with vanilla ice cream.

Dani García’s Happy Hippo ice cream, in Lobito de Mar

His fame on social networks is fully justified. Happy Hippo is the dessert of award-winning chef Dani García, and it’s no wonder. This ice cream, inspired by the Kinder sweet, will transport you to childhood with its exacerbated creaminess and its surprising presentation, which imitates that of the original chocolate bar.

The best French Toast in Madrid, at the Hotel Santo Mauro

Made with artisan brioche bread, fried in French butter to later be bathed in sugar and become the dessert of the season. A version that fuses the traditional French toast recipe with the famous French toast. It is served with an apple crumble and a scoop of vanilla ice cream that provide the perfect contrast of textures.

Your Favorite Childhood Candy is in Umiko

If Umiko is characterized by something, it is its ability to surprise the diner through food. One of the favorite Japanese restaurants for those who know the most about cooking had to have a dessert menu to match the experience it offers and, yes, it has one of the most special and original sweets that we can find in a restaurant: the Pantera. Paying homage to one of the most popular scones from our childhood, it is made with a blue icing topping and a cream filling. This dessert is a trip back to the 90s.

Grupo Pulccinella’s Nutella fantasy

We couldn’t close this list without including one of the most viral desserts on TikTok and Instagram. The most acclaimed Italian restaurant group in the capital has the most photographed dessert on social media. Yes, we are talking about Nutellotto, a dessert made from the delicious hazelnut cream, mascarpone and gluten-free biscuit, which is also presented in a glass with pistachio.

This article was originally published on Vogue Spain

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