Best electric cars coming in 2023

Among the most interesting electric cars coming in 2023, are models for all tastes, of various prices and sizes. For this year, many different models are expected in dealerships, ranging from the ubiquitous SUVs and crossovers, true protagonists of the market and now increasingly zero-emissions, to classic sedans or coupe-like, station wagons and sports cars. In short, the electric market is an increasingly rich and diversified market, which in 2023 will see the number of proposals increase further.

In the following years, more and more electric models will arrive and less and less cars driven by internal combustion engines. In fact, practically all car manufacturers have committed to making their European ranges zero-emissions by 2030 or at the latest by 2035. To achieve this goal, change must be rapid, although sales of electric cars in Italy are struggling to catch up so, compared to the main European countries and markets, the Italian one is the last in the standings.

Either way, here are some of the coolest electric cars coming in 2023:

Abarth 500e
The Abarth 500e is the Scorpion’s first 100% electric car and derives from the electric Fiat 500 with which it shares the platform. It has a 42 kWh battery for 250 km of range. The electric motor delivers 155 HP and 235 Nm, which is enough to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds. The Scorpionissima launch series costs 43,000 euros.

Jeep Avenger
The Jeep Avenger is 4.08 meters long and has a boot of 380 liters. It is powered by an electric motor which has 156 HP and 260 Nm. The battery has a capacity of 54 kWh, for a range in the WLTP mixed cycle of 400 km. The traction is front and the price will start from 39,500 euros.

Lexus RZ
The Lexus RZ is a large SUV – it is 4.8 meters long – powered by two Aisin e-Axles engines, for a total of 313 HP and 435 Nm and has a 71.4 kWh battery for a range of 362 km. Its price has not yet been communicated, but it will certainly be above 60,000 euros.

Lotus Eletre
The Lotus Eletre breaks all the traditions of the British brand, famous for its small and light sports cars. Here we are dealing with a 5-metre SUV that weighs well over two tons. It will arrive next summer in the first 600 HP version, followed by a second 900 HP version.

Maserati GranTurismo Folgore
With the GranTurismo Folgore Maserati makes its electric debut. It has a 92.5 kWh lithium-ion battery for a range of 450 km and three electric motors that generate approximately 760 hp. The performance is worthy of a supercar, top speed of 320 km/h and 2.7 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h. The price is still unknown.

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