Greece plane crash: Cargo aircraft was carrying weapons to Bangladesh – minister

Zambia has extradited a Chinese filmmaker to neighbouring Malawi to face charges relating to racism and child exploitation.

Lu Ke was a Malawi resident when he was exposed by BBC Africa Eye, which reported he had used local children to film personalised greetings videos, some of which included racist content.

The videos could be bought for up to $70 (£55) on Chinese social media and internet platforms.

Lu Ke denied making derogatory videos.

He had said he made them in order to spread Chinese culture to the local community.

Lu Ke was detained last month in Zambia and fined for entering it illegally.

Malawi’s Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda confirmed to the BBC that he had been extradited. He added that the Chinese citizen is due to appear in court on Monday in line with procedures after someone has been arrested.

The BBC Africa Eye documentary led to a promise from China to clamp down on online racism against Africans, the South China Morning Post reported.

Also in the wake of the film, social media platforms popular in China took steps to prevent the circulation of the types of videos from Africa that it highlighted, according to website Rest of World.

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