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Israel’s Jerusalem Post website hacked on Soleimani assassination anniversary

sbs– Pro-Iranian hackers have temporarily paralysed the website of the Israeli newspaper the Jerusalem Post and the Twitter account of the newspaper Maariv.

Instead of news content, a model image of Israel’s nuclear reactor in the desert city of Dimona being detonated by a missile was displayed.

The missile is fired from a hand clenched into a fist, with a distinctive ring like the one worn by Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, who was killed in a US drone attack exactly one year ago.

Next to it, in English and Hebrew, it reads, “We are close to you where you don’t think about it.”

The website and Twitter account have since returned to their normal state. It was unclear whether the hackers were in Iran or operating from another country, the Jerusalem Post wrote. It was also not clear whether they were acting on behalf of the Iranian state.

The newspaper has been the target of pro-Iranian hackers in the past.

In May 2020, a picture of a burning Tel Aviv appeared on the website. It depicted the then Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaching for a life jacket in the sea, with the headline “Be ready for a surprise.”

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