Joachim Trier’s heroine cannot be decided

sydneynewstoday– At some point in Joachim Trier The worst person in the world, Julie – Bright Renner Terrains – takes a little time to see pictures of previous generation women in her family. She is close to 30 years old. At her age, her mother had a small child. Her grandmother had many children, from babies with arms crossed to teenagers. It was.

In contrast, the bohemian Julie can’t decide what to study or what man she wants. She dropped out of medical school and works at a bookstore. You might think it’s a great job, but it’s not the right result of her excellent free education. “In Norway, middle-class societies have the idea that they have to do great things in life,” says Trier. “In a way, she fails to be a privileged person. It’s interesting to me.”

Her boyfriend, Axel, is older. He is a Robert Crumb-type cartoonist and is famous enough for fans to make a milling machine about him with the signature of the book while she waits on the wings.Axel is played by Anders Danielsen Lie, who played the central figure in two previous (and much darker) films in Trier. Ripley’s When Oslo, August 31st.. When she meets his circle of friends on the barbecue, they all quarrel with the kids, politely ask Julie what she’s studying, and she goes into blue funk. Is this her fate?

Trier is 47 years old and is a third generation filmmaker. He knew what he wanted to do since he was a kid. “But I’m single-minded, so I think I admire many people in their twenties who are looking for more, trying to find themselves,” he says. “I had to do that in making different kinds of movies, and don’t even get into a romantic life in your twenties! Life is cluttered.”

He says he wanted to ask a question. He wanted to be interesting again. The film is divided into chapters with cheeky titles, with occasional angry narrator intervention. “I’m trying to talk about these things without thinking I’m too smart.”

He wrote Worst person For his regular co-author and director Eskil Vogt, especially for Rheinsve, in his own right. “She is very, very entertaining and has great cinematic humor,” says Trier. “Did we think about how much we could contradict this character? How much joy and stupidity can we include, along with the real pain she has to experience?”

The film was an immediate hit at the Cannes Film Festival, but he faced some difficult questions about how to presume to write a story about a young woman.When he made Ripley’s, He says he met a grudge that he was making yet another movie about men. “Everyone said,’Make these movies about women.’ I need this kind of movie about female characters! And I said, “Sure, wait a minute, do you know?” That is, it’s like I can’t understand it correctly! “

He smiles to say this. His mother was a stubborn feminist. These discussions are part of his cultural territory. “I can say that I believe artists must be able to write characters that are different from them in all respects, including age and gender. I think that’s the humanist approach to storytelling. “I will.” “You can go back to the story, present it humbly, and say,’Look, the character is here.’ I think she may be true. you? ‘I’m inviting that debate. “

Joachim Trier’s heroine cannot be decided

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