I’m a Plus-Size Woman and I’ve Rounded Up 57 Perfect Holiday Outfits to Save You Hours of Searching

We have come a long way when it comes to size inclusivity but the market is far from perfect. The first thing I do when shopping online is, still, to head to the website’s size guide to see if the online shop even carries clothing in my size. It’s tiring, frustrating, and time consuming. This problem is constant, but it’s more pronounced during the holiday season when I would like to be able to find appropriate festive clothing to wear for the onslaught of parties, celebrations, and social outings.

I have spent hours googling, combing through the internet, looking through size charts, and clicking on any and every Instagram ad in the hopes of being introduced to size-inclusive brands and retailers. So, I have amassed a mental database that I wish had already existed for me. Below will you find 10 size-inclusive websites with holiday outfit picks from each. My curation has tried to avoid frumpy, potato sack-like, nondescript clothing that seems to be the default for many brands branching into size inclusivity. Below are brands making clothing that are on par with the “regular” sizes instead of a range of shapeless mumus.


Sizing: 00-26W

I don’t know when it happened, but suddenly Anthropologie is one of my favorite size-inclusive sites. I appreciate that they forgo redirecting you to a “special section” and instead give you the same clothing offered to other customers simply in a wider range of sizes.

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