EXCLUSIVE: Former Australian of the Year at the centre of NT investigation

skynews– The NT Department of Chief Minister and Cabinet is investigating an incident involving 2009 Australian of the Year Mick Dodson. NT Treaty Commissioner Professor Dodson has been accused of threatening to assault a woman and using sexually degrading language towards her at a football game in Darwin. The interaction occurred at the members bar at Darwin’s TIO stadium where the aboriginal woman in question reported Professor Dodson became angry and threatened to “knock her lights out”. A complaint was then made to Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Selena Uibo who immediately directed the CEO of the Department of Chief Minister and Cabinet to seek a formal response from the commissioner. In a statement she told Sky News “the issue was also referred to the ICAC, who also passed it onto the DCMC as an employment matter”. The former Australian of the Year has not denied the allegations but says he no recollection of the incident. A statement released by his lawyer reads “Professor Dodson has no recall of the incident complained of and his medical practitioners inform the disassociation is a symptom of his medical condition”. Professor Dodson has agreed to meet with the complainant and says he will continue in his role as Treaty Commissioner. Removing the commissioner from his position would require a vote of two thirds of the Northern Territory parliament which would need to be signed off by the administrator.

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