Re-elected WA Premier Mark McGowan says election win is a ‘humbling experience’

skynews– Re-elected Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan has thanked the people of WA and the Labor Party for his landslide election win and said it was a “humbling experience”. “To have the support and faith of so many in Western Australia in one of the most important state elections is a great honour,” he said. Mr McGowan said the Labor Party would continue to serve all people in the state and will continue to “build a Western Australia that is safe, fair, and strong”. “Today is also a recognition that we have and must govern for all people in Western Australia, being part of the mainstream is crucial for success as is representing all people across the state.” “The government I lead will only ever govern in the public interests, we will always govern for all West Australians, tomorrow we get back to work continuing to build a Western Australia that is safe, fair, and strong.”

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