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It’s been a ‘huge learning year’ for tech companies

skynews– Image Matrix Tech Editor Djuro Sen says 2020 has been a “huge learning year” for technology companies and users because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “It was a huge learning year, not just for us as people using technology, but for technology companies that needed to change things, needed to ramp things up, put things to the side and work on other things,” he said. “From the COVID app to Zoom calls, to everything else, there was so much we had to deal with. “One of the things that put the pressure on the infrastructure through COVID was the use of the internet”. Mr Sen said one of the “good news stories” was the NBN, which “performed really well” under the pressure for those who are connected to it. “In most of the connections the NBN supplied more download speed or bandwidth than you would normally get on your plan … that was in the last couple of months,” he told Sky News. However, he was critical of the government’s COVIDSafe app which he said was rushed through too early.

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