NSW Opposition leader calls out premier for ‘extraordinary lack of judgement’

skynews– New South Wales Opposition Leader Jodi McKay has called out Gladys Berejiklian’s actions on Twitter following revelations the premier didn’t isolate after receiving a coronavirus test. Ms Berejiklian confirmed this morning she underwent a rapid test on state budget day after she began to lose her voice, and reporting having a scratchy throat and was feeling tired – all of which were marked as symptoms on the NSW Health website. Ms McKay pointed to the premier’s actions in a tweet, saying This is in direct conflict with NSW Health advice and shows an extraordinary lack of judgement”. Speaking on 2GB radio this morning, Ms Berejiklian said “particularly when you take a test you are meant to self-isolate, I should have shut my door and not seen anybody and I didn’t do that, I actually just proceeded as usual, I had people coming in and out”. She also said it was up to everyone’s interpretation as to whether she actually broke the rules.

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