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Lebanon is still reeling, two weeks after deadly Beirut blasts

Issued on: 18/08/2020 – 21:06

Two weeks after a massive double explosion ripped through Beirut leaving more than 170 people dead, FRANCE 24 reports from a Lebanese capital struggling to come to grips with the aftermath of the tragedy.

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On August 4, approximately 2,700 tonnes of stored ammonium nitrate detonated in Beiruts port, killing more than 170 people and instantly leaving another 300,000 homeless. Volunteers continue to clean up after the tragedy, which hit a nation already struggling with the worst economic meltdown in its history and a crisis in political leadership.

“The discontent is simply at its highest level,” said Peter Mouracade, activist and founder of Muwatin Lebnene, a collection of concerned Lebanese citizens. “Its at its peak.”

The grim two-week anniversary came the same day that a special tribunal for Lebanon in the Netherlands delivered a long-awaited verdict on the 2005 death of former prime minster Rafik Hariri, finRead More – Source




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