Greek tourism industry gears up for tough post-Covid-19 summer

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Tourism is the second pillar of the Greek economy, but with Covid-19 having hit the industry particularly hard, Greek tourist operators are doing everything they can to convince holidaymakers that their country will be safe to visit this summer. FRANCE 24 reports.


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At Akis Papaioanous hotel just north of Athens, staff are currently in full swing to make the premises as Covid-19 safe as possible ahead of the summer season.

“The law stipulates that we must clean our air conditioning units every week, and for every client we change the filters,” Papaioanou explains. “We also must leave the windows open so the air can be recycled.”

“Social distancing is everywhere. For example, we need to leave four metres between every umbrella.”

Although Greece appears to have managed the coronavirus crisis exceptionally well so far – with just 3,000 confirmed infections and 162 deaths – the fear of the virus is expected to hit the already ailing Greek economy hard.

“Weve just undergone a huge financial crisis. And as we were getting out of it, this Read More – Source




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