Euro Manganese directors demonstrate support through placement participation

Euro Manganese Incs (ASX:EMN) (CVE:EMN) directors have demonstrated their support for the company's manganese strategy by participating in the companys placement of shares.

This participation was part of the second tranche of a non-brokered private placement and raised A$487,780 with both tranches contributing approximately A$1.005 million.

Tranche-2 was officially closed following the approval of 100% of shareholders who voted at a special meeting on May 1.

Director purchases[hhmc]

Director Greg Martyr acquired 174,615 shares worth more than A$22,600 in a direct interest Hogans Bluff Capital Pty Ltd, in which he is controlling shareholder. He now holds 635,852 shares in two direct interests.

Mangan Chvaletice sro managing director Jan Votava acquired 94,545 shares valued at almost C$10,400 increasing the total number of securities held after the change to 695,196.

Interim chairman John Webster purchased 181,818 shares with a value just shy of C$20,000 in a direct interest JJW Investments Ltd, in which he is the controlling shareholder. He now holds 1,149,317 shares in two direct interests.

Director Harvey McLeod bought 945,454 shares for a total of almost C$104,000 and now holds 5,099,454 shares in three interests.

President and CEO Marco Romero purchased 1.2 million shares worth C$132,000 in a direct interest Navigator Management Ltd, of which he is the controlling shareholder. Romero now holds 10.913 million shares in three interests.

Director Roman Shklanka acquired 1 million shares worth C$110,000 in a direct interest Shklanka Holdings Ltd, of which he is the controlling shareholder, and now holds 11,453,335 shares iRead More – Source




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