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Fostering dialogue in Israeli-Palestinian relations: Meet ALLMEP’s John Lyndon

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has riddled the region for decades. At the heart of that at times violent quagmire is a dispute over land between Israelis and Palestinians. One solution, which today seems like a distant dream, is the "two-state solution", in which both Israel and Palestine become independent states. One organisation is trying to at least foster dialogue between the two sides. Alliance for Middle East Peace is a network of around 100 NGOs, promoting people-to-people peace building. Its executive director John Lyndon joins us on set to tell us more.


Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has become the first Arab nation to take over the G20 presidency. The move has been slammed by critics, as it comes amid a new wave of arrests. The ultra-conservative kingdom also faces sustained criticism following last year's murder of prominent journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as well as its role in the devastating Yemen conflict. Now, as the young crown prince Mohammed bin Salman seeks to bounce back onto the world stage, all eyes are on the country's state oil giant, Aramco, ahead of a stock market debut.

And we tell you about an unprecedented court case, which was set to start this week in Rome but hRead More – Source

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