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Megaphone, the independent media giving voice to Lebanons uprising

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With Lebanons news outlets traditionally as partisan as its politics, many Lebanese are turning to alternative, non-sectarian organisations for their news. Among them is Megaphone, one of the most dynamic independent media to have emerged from the countrys month-long protest movement.


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Megaphone has a simple goal: to cut the partisan content that has long been a fixture of Lebanon's media – and get the news out fast.

“Its extremely important, now more than ever, to get independent voices out there, to get the real demands of the people,” says Tariq Keblaoui, a filmmaker volunteering with Megaphone.

The organisation is run on a shoestring budget. There are no salaried staff and most members of the team juggle other jobs. Nonetheless, their images are slick and their audience is big: three quarters of a million hits in a week – not bad in a country of just six million.

Part of their appeal is their independence, a rarity in a country where its often all too obvious which TV stations back which politicians.

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