Fertoz confirms stronger growth of organic crops following 12-month field trials

Fertoz Ltd (ASX:FTZ) has revealed the results of several field trials showing materially stronger growth of organic crops attributable to the application of Fertoz inputs across multiple regions in Canada.

Notably, the yields on Fertoz-treated fields are up to 25% higher compared to untreated samples, reiterating the companys value proposition to producers across North Americas fast-growing organic agriculture market.

The farmers have reported ease use regardless of application method and observable health in plants fed with Fertoz products, along with increased yields and good root growth.

Summary of major findings of the Oct 2018 to Oct 2019 field study

Fertoz marketing manager Reanne Pernerowski said: “We are pleased to provide an update on a number of field trials conducted in Canada over the last year.

“The results speak for themselves – the addition of Fertoz products can improve yields and plant growth and farmers are happy with the results.

“We continue to undertake field trials and will report regularly over the coming 12 months as more results come to hand.”


Fields in Weyburn, Saskatchewan clearly demonstrated the benefits of rock phosphate on wheat from emergence through early growth, crop development, and yield.

After collecting and testing plant tissue samples, Fertoz rock phosphate was found to increase wheat tissue phosphorus levels from low (25 ppm) to sufficient (39 ppm) range.

Wheat heads were double the size in the treated strip. Yield was 25% higher in the Fertoz treated field with a 4-5 bushels/acre increase from 20 to 25 bushels/acre.

With organic wheat prices at about $18 per bushel, the field will return a good profit.

Wheat results, Weyburn, Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, producers have seen mostly positive results from the application of Fertoz rock phosphate/sulphur blend.

In Wakaw, Saskatchewan an organic oat producer testified that he could visibly see a better stand from the treated strip, with also faster maturation and no greens found in his harvested seed.

The producer estimated 65 bushels/acre average yield, with 5 bushels/acre increase in the treated strip.


A Manitoba organic producer collected drone footage of his red clover field strip treRead More – Source

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