Emmerdale spoilers: Cain Dingle murders Pete Barton as Anthony Quinlan leaves the soap?

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Cain Dingles (Jeff Hordley) world is about to come crashing down in Emmerdale when he discovers that wife Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) has been having a steamy affair with farmhand Nate Robinson (Jurrell Carter). Upon said discovery, Cain will no doubt seek revenge — and someone could possibly lose their life amid the chaos. Could Pete Barton (Anthony Quinlan) perhaps be the unfortunate villager on the receiving end of Cains anger?

Pete recently learned about Moira and Nates dalliance when, after spotting that his boss had left her phone behind, he stumbled upon a text conversation between her and Nate, and thus put two and two together. Its currently unknown whether or not hell keep this information to himself, but — should he agree to do so — its safe to assume that hell be in Cains bad books when the truth comes out.



As per usual, October is set to be a huge month for Emmerdale, with producers having already confirmed that Moiras affair with Nate will come to light in an explosive way. Given Cains penchant for destruction, theres absolutely no possible scenario in which the lovers wont be punished for their actions, but Petes knowledge of the affair could well put him in Cains firing line.

Weve seen first-hand what Cains capable of when hes angry, and hes not exactly renowned for being able to keep his cool. Perhaps hell fly off the handle, and Pete will end up losing his life as a result? Its certainly a possibility. Cains attack on Joe Tate (Ned Porteous) comes to mind. Before hed even given the young lad a chance to explain his actions, the anger got the better of Cain and he let loose — something which he soon lived to regret.

Upon realising that Joe was, in fact, alive, he resolved to not use his fists again — and think before taking action in the future. However, given that emotions will no doubt be running high when the affair comes to light, its likely that this philosophy will no longer apply.

Whats more, Cain considers Pete to be a friend. While Nates actions will be a big enoRead More – Source

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