New El Camino trailer has Breaking Bad fans convinced Walter White still alive as Jesse Pinkman goes on run

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A new trailer has dropped for Breaking Bad spin-off movie El Camino, and absolutely no one can cope.

Aaron Paul previously announced he would be reprising his role as Jesse Pinkman, with the film revealing exactly what went down after the drama came to an end, in 2013.

The two-minute long clip confirms the film will pick up right where that epic final episode (Felina) left off, with a very dishevelled Jesse knocking on Skinny Petes door, after fleeing the dungeon.



And it seems the events that unfolded in the last season will stay with the drug dealer, as hes seen taking his gun to the shower with him.

Were not sure how much protection hes going to need in the bathroom, but Breaking Bad has always taught us never to assume anything….

After pulling himself together a little, and shaving his head once more, it seems Jesse is ready to get down to business, with Skinny Pete and Badger by his side.

Jesse Pinkman knocked on Skinny Petes door at the beginning of the trailer (Picture: Netflix)
El Camino Breaking Bad Movie trailer
Jesse means total business (Picture: Netflix)

By business, we mean he evades the police, heads back into the ever familiar desert – sans RV – and begins digging things up. But will he find what hes been looking for?

At the end of the teaser, he comes face-to-face with a mysterious character, who asks him: You ready?

He simply replies Yeah, with no b***h, proving he really has changed a little.

While we only have a few weeks left to wait (which basically feels like an eternity), fans have flocked to Twitter to question every single morsel of the trailer, with many wondering exactly who Jesse was getting ready with.

El Camino Breaking Bad Movie trailer
Just who did Jesse go and meet? (Picture: Netflix)

And there are two names on everyones minds.

One asked: Wait….. Is that Hank? while another asked: Is that Walter White at the end?!

A baffled fan replied: I was thinking Hank? You think Walter White is alive?



With one viewer throwing a total spanner in the works, posting: I think that sounds like the guy who runs the vacuum store…

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad
Fans are convinced Walter White makes a shock return (Picture: AMC)

Some ignored all the questions and just relished in seeing Jesse and co. on screens once again.

A Twitter user begged: Can you stop please? I want to enjoy every frame of this!!

Cant f**king wait, a follower added.

Same, hun.

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It has been revealed that 10 familiar faces will return from the original series, with some surprises on the way.

With Jesse, Badger and Skinny Pete already confirmed and most other characters dead, this leaves the door wide open for the return of Skyler WRead More – Source

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