Sheryl Crow reckons Taylor Swift needs to calm down over losing her masters to Scooter Braun

Sheryl Crow says she keeps her head in a hole and has no idea what happened with Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun (Picture: Getty)

Sheryl Crow reckons Taylor Swift needs to calm down when it comes to her reaction over Scooter Braun buying the rights to her masters from Big Machine Records.

The Shake It Off singer hit back at the music moguls deal describing it as her worst-case scenario – the pair have long been feuding and Taylor accused him of incessant bullying.

However, Sheryl admitted that all musicians need to recognise that its just the way the business goes.

Im going to be honest with you. I live with my head in a big hole. I stay out of that world, she said, speaking on Watch What Happens Live.

I will say one thing about masters is, you know, I signed with a record label 30 years ago and within five years then it became owned by Interscope and then Interscope got bought by Universal, so these things, thats just the way the business goes.



Its totally not unusual for your masters to change hands like 9,000 times. So I dont know what the big stink was, so Im kind of out of the loop. So I dont really know.

Sheryl recently signed with Big Machine which owns Taylors back catalogue from her 2006 debut and self-titled album to Reputation which was released in 2017 – every single, every photo and all the assets that goes with it.

Braun purchased Scott Borchettas Big Machine Label Group as part of a $300million (£240million) deal, earlier this year, but the Bad Blood star blasted the deal in a Tumblr post, claiming she was never made aware of the deal, nor given the opportunity to buy her music back.

Scooter Braun and Taylor Swift feud
Taylor Swift accused Scooter Braun of bullying her (Picture: Big Machine Records, Getty)

She also accused Braun of incessant bullying, adding: Any time Scott Borchetta has heard the words “ScooterRead More – Source