Renée Zellweger opens up about about the pressures of being a woman in Hollywood ahead of Judy Garland biopic

Zellweger at the premiere of Judy (Picture: Getty Images)

Renée Zellweger is using her return to the spotlight to shine a light on the scrutiny and sexism in Hollywood, ahead of the release of her Judy Garland biopic.

Renée Zellweger has never been a wallflower and we love her for it!

Zellweger, who plays iconic actress Judy Garland in the upcoming film Judy, spoke to Attitude about how slow Hollywood has been to improve its treatment of women.

Its extraordinary that its taken such a long time but its been pervasive in our society, not just in the entertainment business, she said.

I hope that it would be different today, especially for a child, that there would be more protections in place than back in Judys day.

And we know more about the dangers of medicating unnecessarily, about addiction and disordered eating and all of the things that Judy stumbled into because of being made to feel that she didnt deserve what came from her talent.

Zellweger has dazzled audiences as Judy Garland (Picture: Attitude)

The Bridget Joness Diary star also talked about handling the intense attention on her physical appearance that came with her return to the red carpet after taking a break in her career.



I dont seek out [the online gossip] so its rarely something that I have to consider, she said.

On occasion, its really bad and someone asks me if I want to respond. I usually dont because whats the point of that? It just becomes one side of an argument that I dont want to participate in.

On the allegations made by Harvey Weinstein that she performed sexual favours in exchange for film roles Zellweger was incredibly composed: I guess you react as you would with any other unbelievable revelation, theres nothing to really say.

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Her return to the screen at 50 has been incredibly well received, with the Judy premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival receiving a three-minute standing ovation.

The film covers the troubled stars final months, specifically her 1969 five-week run of sold-out shows in London where she meets her fifth husband Mickey Deans (Finn Wittrock).

And its not just Zellwegers acting that is centrestage – she also uses her own voice to sing Garlands iconic songs in the film.

We are clicking our ruby slippers together because we cant wait to see it!

Judy opens in cinemas in the UK on Friday 4 October.

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