Dog Owner Mortified After Pet Refuses To Let Go Of Sex Toy It Found On Walk

Dog Owner Mortified After Pet Refuses To Let Go Of Sex Toy It Found On WalkKennedy News & Media

A dog owner has been left absolutely mortified after her pet basset hound picked up a very NSFW new toy while out on a walk.

When Sara Middleton, of Ashington, Northumberland, headed out for a peaceful walk with her dog Flossie, she couldnt have imagined the blushes she would have to endure.

Now many dog owners can relate to their furry best friends taking a liking to a stray bottle or mouldy old stick while out for a walk. Unfortunately for Sara, Flossie had her sights set on something a little more explicit…

Basset Hound Sex ToyKennedy News & Media

Yup. Flossie took a liking to a large, pink vibrator she found muddied and abandoned in the woods. Its unclear how the naughty toy came to be out in the wild, but Flossie appeared absolutely delighted with her find.

The deceptively sweet looking basset hound refused to be parted from her cheeky treasure, proceeding to march along quite happily with the eight inch sex toy for approximately two miles.

Meanwhile, embarrassed owner Sara was left 50 shades of red, and was not quite as thrilled by the dirty discovery.

Sara, who works as a firefighter for Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, said:

WELL!!! When I went down to the woods today, I wasnt expecting this surprise!!

Flossie was literally buzzing with her new find and proceeded to carry it for 2 miles, proud with her tail in the air. Praying to God that no one would see us, you can guarantee we were seen.

As I continually muttered Flossie you arsehole, “put it down”, ” leave it!!”, she continued to walk on. The other dog walker looked, laughed andRead More – Source

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