Worlds First Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant Opened This Week

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Eating food off a conveyor belt isnt a new creation. In fact, its something weve been doing for more than two decades since YO! Sushi first revolutionised the way we eat out.

Since that first store opened in 1997 though, the restaurant chain has remained one of a kind and bar sushi outlets other food proprietors havent caught on to this unique dining experience – until now, that is.

Why? Because the worlds first cheese – yes, cheese – conveyor belt restaurant opened in London this week, changing the way we eat the dairy product forever. And it couldnt have come at a better time.

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Wow what a first day! Thanks to everyone who came down yesterday and visited the conveyor belt of (Cheese) dreams. Were back on it from midday today with more of those little dishes of joy. Sunday = Cheese, right? See ya at the belt! ? #PICKANDCHEESE

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Lets face it, the worlds going to shit. What with the current climate emergency were facing, Boris Johnson threatening to challenge an actual law stopping a no-deal Brexit, and Donald Trump potentially breaking a federal law by doctoring a Hurricane Dorian forecast map with a Sharpie, theres not much to smile about.

Enter: Pick & Cheese, the worlds first cheese conveyor belt restaurant, launched by The Cheese Bar and taking pride of place at the new KERB street food market in Covent Garden.

As per Devon Live, the restaurant was first a cheese van which started up in 2014 and would travel around UK festivals. Upon receiving incredible reviews for its grilled cheese sandwiches however, the food van expanded into a restaurant two years later.

Now its shaken things up even further, expanding their traditional cheese and wine format to incorporate a new, fun way of dining and to encourage people to come out of their comfort zone when it comes to trying new things.

Tonight is the night! Join us this evening to celebrate the soft launch of Pick & Cheese at @KERB_ Seven Dials market ? for 50% off all food and drink, a whole 48 hours before anyone else, make sure you book via the link below ???

— The Cheese Bar (@thecheesebarldn) September 5, 2019

Pick & Cheese has 25 different cheeses available at any one time, as well as a couple of hot dishes and plates of charcuterie (prepared meat products), iNews reports.

The restaurant is the creation of Mathew Carver, who also has a cheese bar in Camden which sells even fancier dishes like cheese-filled profiteroles, five-cheese macaroni, and gooRead More – Source

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