Taylor Swift fans have just found out who Tool are as they fight to keep Lover at number 1

Taylors number one spot is in jeopardy thanks to the rock group (Picture: Getty)

Rock band Tool are coming for Taylor Swifts number one album spot, which is confusing her fans because theyve never heard of them.

The Californian metal group recently released their hotly anticipated fifth album, Fear Inoculum, thirteen years after they last recorded together.

The album quickly surged to the top of the iTunes chart, replacing Taylors extremely popular seventh album Lover off the top spot and looking likely to zoom past her to pole position in the Billboard album chart too.

For many Swifties, this comes as a shock, as theyd never heard of the four-piece band before.

Keep streaming guys, one fan wrote. This band Tool is dropping a new album after 13 years… but we still have a chance!

While some fans understood the importance of the bands return (even if theyd never heard of them), with one stan account writing: apparently they were really big in the 90s, many were more blunt in the approach, with one account simply asking: Who the f*** is TOOL?

Taylor Swift MTV Video Music Awards
Taylors new album Lover hit #1 in the US and UK (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

While these stans knowledge of the band, who have sold more than 13 milllion albums in the US alone, is a little lacking, its not totally unjustified.



Many of Taylors fans are teenagers and young people who may have not even been born when Tool went on their recording hiatus in 2006 – god, that really makes us feel old!

Additionally, Tay-Tays self-titled debut album was released later in 2006, less than half a year after Tool released their final pre-hiatus album, meaning overlap between the artists on the music circuit has been very minimal.

However, for fans of the rock band, seeing Tool take over the charts was pretty satisfying, with one writing: Slipknot knocking Ed Sheeran off the #1 spot here and Tool beating Taylor Swift to #1 in the US is the funniest thing I have ever witnessed im [sic] obsessed with all the normies freaking out.

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Metro gave Taylors new album four stars, writing: On Lover, Taylor Swift shakes off a reputation and returns to her old self, just a little bruised around the edges and ready to move on.

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