Woman shares easy way to clean away all the dirt lurking in Pandora charm bracelets

When was the last time you cleaned your jewellery? (Picture: Facebook)

Have you ever pondered all the dirt and grime that may have collected on your jewellery?

Us neither.

After one woman discovered that even a week of wearing her wedding ring makes it pretty grubby, another has urged us to give our Pandora charm bracelets (and all other jewellery, really) a proper soak.

Posting in the We Love Mrs Hinch Facebook group, Anne-Marie Norman, from London, shared how she decided to give her Pandora bracelet a quick wash.

She mixed hot water from the kettle with a squirt of washing up liquid, then soaked the bracelet in the mixture for five minutes.

Anne-Marie was stunned by the amount of dirt that emerged from her bracelet. All that black is off my charms, she wrote.

Anne-Marie Norman cleaning pandora charm bracelet hack
Anne-Marie was shocked at how much dirt was sat on her Pandora bracelet (Picture: Anne-Marie Norman/Facebook)

The trick attracted astonishment from other members of the group, who immediately needed to try soaking their bracelets to see just how much grime had collected between the charms.



A few said the cleaning technique had come at just the right time, as their local Pandora store now charges £5 for cleaning.

Just so you know, Pandora shares a similar cleaning method on their website, so this is officially recommended.

The brand suggests putting a small amount of soap into lukewarm water, soaking your jewellery, and then using a small, soft toothbrush to gently scrub away any dirt.

pandora bracelet cleaning trick
Others tried the hack too (Picture: Chantelle Louise Hambridge/Facebook)

They do warn, though, that this cleaning method should not be used to clean jewellery that includes cultured freshwater pearls.

You can also pick up a silver-polishing cloth to make your sterling silver jewellery nice and shiny – although, be warned, this wont remove any scratches.

Its also worth removing your jewellery before going to bed or when youre about to participate in any physical activity – especially anything that will make you sweat.

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Avoid exposing jewellery to chlorinated water or sea water, too.

If you wear a piece of jewellery every day, Read More – Source

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