Teddy Quinlivan becomes first transgender model to advertise for Chanel

Teddy Quinlivan is Chanels first openly transgender model (Picture: Chanel Beauty)

Model Teddy Quinlivan, who transitioned to present as a woman at 16, has become a model for Channel.

In doing so, the 25-year-old becomes the first openly transgender model to advertise for the luxury brand.

Teddy, from Boston, U.S, was involved in the fashion houses Summer Look beauty campaign.

But its not her first time working with them – Teddy has done two shows with Channel but in stealth mode whereby her trans identity was secret.

Teddy presented as a cisgender woman in previous works but was not openly trans.

Its not her first time modelling for a major name either as she boasts runways with big labels such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Teddy has also modelled for Milk Make-Up, Redken and Maison Margiela fragrance.

Speaking to her 97,000-strong Instagram followers, she said she was delighted to be working with Channel.

Teddy Quinlivan putting makeup on
Teddy has worked with Chanel before but at the time her transgender identity wasnt known (Picture: Chanel Beauty)

She wrote: When I came out I knew Id stop working with some brands, I thought Id never work with the iconic house of Chanel ever again.



But here I am in Chanel Beauty Advertising. I am the first openly trans person to work for the house of Chanel, and I am deeply humbled and proud to represent my community.

Teddy also had some inspirational words to share with her fans, reminding them to trust their worth.

Teddy Quinlivan posing
Good job, Chanel (Picture: Chanel Beauty)

The world will kick you down, spit on you, and tell you youre worthless, she continued.

Its your job to have the strength to stand up and push on, to keep fighting, Because if you give up then you will never experience the tears of triumph.

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Chanels decision to work with a transgender model comes as other fashion brands are also making small steps in the same direction.

Valentina Sampaio recently became Victoria Secrets first openly transgender model.

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