UNHCR introduces novel solution to ease crossings for vulnerable people in east Ukraine

Electric cart will transport elderly, pregnant women and persons with disabilities who are crossing the Stanytsya Luhanska pedestrian checkpoint.

The UN Refugee Agency, Humanitarian mission Proliska and local authorities today launched an electric car to transport people at the pedestrian checkpoint “Stanytsya Luhanska in the east of Ukraine. Its routes length is 800 meters. Every day this new social transport will be able to carry about 400 people a day, with priority for transportation for the most vulnerable groups – people of age group 75+, people with disabilities of the 1st group, pregnant women and children.

The electric car will operate daily from 7am to 5pm. Social workers of the “Proliska” will assist with the boarding onto electric car, as well as will provide with other necessary support, including counseling.

UNHCR Ukraine is grateful to Proliska, the Luhansk Governor Vitaliy Komarnytsky and the Head of Stanytsya-Luhanska District Administration Yuriy Zolkin for the successful collaboration in implementing of this innovative project that will help improve crossing conditions for the most vulnerable people.

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