Things are tense for Gerard Butler as he goes on the run in heart-racing Angel Has Fallen

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Action man Gerard Butler has found himself in a pickle as he manourvred a wayward lorry in heart-racing scenes from upcoming flick Angel Has Fallen.

The actor plays Mike Banning, senior Secret Service personnel and President Allan Trumbles (Morgan Freeman) main muscle.

When an assassination attempt on the Potus puts all eyes on Mike being the accomplice, Gerard hits the road. But these things are never easy, are they?

As he sets off in a stolen truck, he soon finds hes got a few friends.

In a world exclusive clip, Mike is seen manoeuvring a several-tonne vehicle through the forest as cops and chopper spotlights move in.



Its a tense moment as the music swells and police sirens blare. EXCL: Gerard Butler Angel Has Fallen clip

The face says it all – this is tense (Picture: Lionsgate) EXCL: Gerard Butler Angel Has Fallen clip

The cops are hot on his tail (Picture: Lionsgate)

Trying to evade the long wheel of the law, Gerards character grinds gears and sweats through the dirt track as the truck roars forward.

The heart-racing chase all comes to a halt suddenly and with crashing force when Mike misjudges a bridges entrance and hits the steel barrier.

In a flurry of screeching metal and vehicular debris, he comes crashing down, flipping the cabin. EXCL: Gerard Butler Angel Has Fallen clip

Its action-packed and heart-pumping (Picture: Lionsgate) EXCL: Gerard Butler Angel Has Fallen clip

The truck is flung into the air (Picture: Lionsgate)

Does he survive the crash? And if so, how does he get himself out of this, as he goes on the lamb.

Gerard is currently promoting the release of his next blockbuster and revealed this week he nearly killed Hollywood stalwart Morgan during a treacherous underwater scene.

In one shot Gerard, 49, had to force Morgans head underwater and in that moment it all got a bit hairy.

It was three or four solid days of action, he explained to The Mirror.

He dives off a boat, then I have to push him underwater, and we run in and out of cars, he added.

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I was going, “Please, dont kill Morgan”. I almost killed Hilary Swank Read More – Source

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