From Doctor Stranges portals to Tony Starks final stand: Marvel Boss Kevin Feiges Avengers Endgame secrets

Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige will tell you his Marvel secrets (Picture: Getty Images for THR)

If you wanted to get the goss on the latest Avengers quest, Endgame, Kevin Feige is your man.

As the head of Marvel Studios he also served as a producer on the latest epic which saw the Avengers finally down the mighty Thanos.

We lost some buddies along the way, in the form of Black Widow and Iron Man, but we got a downright zesty appreciation for all that goes on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now with the balance of a few months behind us since its April release, Kevin himself sat down for a special Endgame podcast with Chris Hewitt of Empire magazine and we were blessed to listen to the man who knows all.

So what did we learn?

Quite a lot actually.

Youd think for a man that talks about Avengers and Endgame nearly on the daily hed be done with the stories – but from elaborating further on Captain Americas near decapitation at the sword of Thanos to Robert Downey Jrs final scene as Iron Man, weve got a lot of Endgame secrets to see us through to phase four.



Endgame was devised at the same time as Infinity War during a Marvel retreat:

Kevin revealed Marvel writers and producers headed away for a retreat where they map out the next films in the saga to get away from the phones and focus on the creative stories.

 Avengers: Endgame

This was the end product (Picture: Rex Features)

We were on our third retreat perhaps five or more years ago when we started talking about what would become Infinity War and Endgame and how do we pay off this purple guy… Kevin said in London last week.

It was on that retreat we thought about doing two movies at the same time.

Avengers actors worked for 200 days straight filming the two movies:

Kevin revealed the studio thought it would be brilliant to save money to film the two movies at the same time. But when it became clear that just wasnt going to work, they decided to film them back to back with a short break in between.

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What that meant though was, according to him, the stars filmed for almost 200 days straight.

We have a lot of actors in this movie and a lot of busy actors, a lot of famous actors who star in their own movies whenever they want to so we needed to declare this time for these two movies so [they were available]. I dont know when wed be able to bring them together again, he explained.



Tony Starks funeral scene was code-named the wedding:

To keep everyone off the scent, one of the final scenes of the movie, being Tony Starks funeral was code-named the wedding.

Kevin said: I still to this day call it the wedding scene as a code word.

Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow in Avengers Endgame

We still cant (Picture: Marvel Studios)

It was shot in October of 17, no maybe 16, when we released a 10th-anniversary photo and it was shot the day before that. Thats why we did that photo then as we had everyone there.

It was astounding having all those actors there. In the movie, its very solemn, on the day it was just insane.

Both Tom Holland and Gwyneth Paltrow dont know their co-stars:

Kevin continued of the funeral scene: All these cast members together, Tom Holland saying “is that Michelle Pfeiffer, is Michelle Pfeiffer in this?”

Gwyneth Paltrow asking why Sam Jackson was there, the other actors saying “what are you talking about? Hes Nick Fury, youve been in movies with him”.

Kevin Feige was hiding in the cabin during the final scene – but didnt want to do a Hitchcockian cameo:

[Before shooting a scene] you do last looks when the hair teams and makeup teams come in and do the final touches, Kevin said as he painted the scene.

You have a scene with two or three people that means about eight or nine people come in. I swear to you, I was on the balcony of that house, I was in that shot, right inside the cabin was video village…so I was up there as theyre getting ready.


They call last looks, Im not kidding the ground started shaking and in came hundreds of hair and makeup people to deal with all these megastars.

It was all about Fury coming up there on that balcony at the end of that shot. I guess we did joke [about a cameo], but no one stuck their head out the window.

Doctor Stranges Portals didnt bring the Avengers back from the Snap, just from another place to the battle:

We wanted to do them in Doctor Strange, once its in the MCU it goes into the toolbox. Thats how it came back, Kevin said. How are we going to get people back from this world and this world, oh theyll just portal back.

How he keeps Tom Holland from spoiling things:

 Tom Holland

Tom doesnt spoil EVERYTHING (Picture: Rex Features)

The truth is Tom Holland is amazing and has kept a lot of secrets. I think about the two millionth time it came up at how bad he is, he came up to me and said, “you know what I do keep a lot of secrets”. [I said] “I know, but its a fun thing.”

Then hell go spoil something else.

We did not take any special measures for Tom or Mark Ruffalo who lets his phone record at all times in all places. But theyre also so lovely you cant get that upset with them.

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