Pip The Gentleman is the cool teacher who started his modelling career at 50

Pip The Gentleman started modelling at 50 (Picture: Nick Walton Photography)

Philip Pip is incredibly cool.

The 54-year-old isnt your average older gentleman. When he was 50 he became a model.

Tatted up and rocking a hipster beard, Philip, from Huddersfield, was headhunted for his looks.

The teacher, who works with young people on the Princes Trust Program, was approached by two university fashion students.

They wanted to create a magazine aimed at middle-aged gentlemen who are into fashion.

And Philip, who goes by Pip The Gentleman, fit the bill.

Pip The Gentleman modelling in his dapper outfits, showing off his tattoos
Cool AF (Picture: RP Photography By Design)

I have been modelling for five years, Philip tells Just before my 50th I was approached by two students from the University of Huddersfield and asked to model for their project.

I agreed reluctantly and it took off following me posting the images on Facebook.

I was approached by an agency, PurplePort, in London.

Pip pictured smoking a pipe for a photography shoot
Philip was talent spotted for his looks (Picture: RP photography By Design)

They saw the images and I agreed to sign for them. I have always been relaxed about it and as its not my main income so I do not worry about getting work.



I see it as an opportunity to have fun, be creative and earn some spending money.

Philip tells us there arent many in his age group in the modelling industry but he has managed to find some pals.

When he tells his students about his moonlighting career, they are suitably impressed.

Pip The Gentleman dressed up for a photoshoot
His students are impressed by his side hustle (Picture: EJ Lazenby Photography)

When my students find out I am a model they love it and think its pretty cool having a teacher who models, he says. Its a good ice breaker. My family and friends are proud of my work too.

Everyone says I am a gentleman and thats how I got the name.

I dress dapper and this image is why I was asked to model.

I look after myself physically and mentally. I do this by walking my dogs, cycling and going to the gym. I try to eat healthily but do however like my real ale.

Pip The Gentleman in costume, wearing lots of feathers
(Picture: RP photography By Design)

Philip has been involved in various shoots and cites The Red String of Fate project by photographer Nick Walton as one of his favourites.

Understandably people have been thirsting over Philips images on social media.

But sorry folks, Philip is happily married to wife of 20 years, Alison, and has two children.

Thats always the way, isnt it?

Here are some more glorious pictures of Pip The Gentleman:

Pip The Gentleman in costume for a photoshoot, wearing lots of feathers
(Picture: EJ Lazenby Photography)
Pip The Gentleman, a mature model modelling surrounded by clouds
(Picture: Nick Walton Photography)
Pip The Gentleman looking dapper for a photoshoot
(Picture: EJ Lazenby Photography)
Pip The Gentleman looking dapper for a photoshoot
(Picture: Jodie Beardmore )
Pip The Gentleman looking dapper for a photoshoot Read More – Source

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