Father robs store for daughters kidney transplant – then decides to give the money back

Robber, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A would-be robber said he needed money for his daughters kidney transplant surgery, then gave the money back and left (Picture: ABC)

A man robbed a store at gunpoint claiming he needed cash for his daughters kidney transplant – then changed his mind and gave the money back.

Police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are now looking for the would-be thief who had his hands on hundreds of dollars at the 1 Stop Smoke Shop before his change of heart.

The stores owner, identified only as Kimo, told ABC News that the man, seen in surveillance wearing a bandanna over his face, probably could have gotten away with the money.

He said: That was unbelievable, what happened because he actually had the money in his hand and refused to take it, and said it wasnt enough to pay for his daughters kidney transplant.

When asked what punishment the unidentified gun-wielding man should face, Kimo said: Hard to say. I think for willing to use the gun or taking it out of his pocket, he should be punished for that.



But in the same time, as a society we should do something to help people like that and not push him to the edge where they have to use a gun, he continued.

Kimo said the robbery attempt ended when the man put his gun away and became friendly with the female cashier, leaving without taking anything or hurting anyone.

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